Entrée aivo
Partie du discours nom
Définition malgache Teny iantsoana ny zanaka rehetra -- na firy na firy isany -- eo anelanelan' ny zokiny indrindra sy ny zandriny indrindra (lahiaivo, vaviaivo, Inaivo (zazalahy), Raivo (zazavavy) [Rajemisa 1985]
Définition anglaise [Root ivo?] Anything in the middle; the children of a family between the eldest and the youngest; when there are more than two, it is applied to the second eldest. Much used in forming names, as andrianaivo, inaivo, ranaivo, or naivo, names given to males; while raivo is the name given to females. [Richardson 1885]
Définition française tous ceux qui sont entre l'aîn [...] [texte complet dans Rajemisa: Vakoka]