Entrée Albizia
Partie du discours nom
Définition anglaise Pantropical genus of circa 145 species; 27 indigenous Malagasy spp., plus 3 introduced and naturalized...

Albizia is distributed primarily in dry to subarid deciduous forest and thicket, with several species also in humid to subhumid evergreen forest...

A. lebbeck, now widely naturalized throughout Madagascar, can be distinguished from all other Malagasy Albizia by its large, papery, dehiscent pod, which is straw-colored and darker over the seeds. A group of species with distinctly rhombic leaflets includes: large, low elevation humid forest A. adianthifolia; mid elevation to montane humid and subhumid forest A. gummifera and A. viridis (with stipels); and dry deciduous forest A. mainaea. With the exception of A.viridis, the other 3 species have exceptionally long staminal tubes, the filaments fused nearly to the apex. [Schatz: Flora]

Nom scientifique Albizia
Analogie  bonara
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