Entrée famehifary
Partie du discours   nom
Définition anglaise   [Betsimisaraka] [Mod. s. from mamehy (fehy), and fary, sugar-cane.] An herbaceous twining plant with a blue shell-like flower. The root supplies a medicine used by the Betsimisaraka for stomach disorders. It acts as an emetic, but must be administered with caution. Some obscene practise is also connected with it. (Betsim.) Clitoria lasciva, Bojer. [Richardson 1885]
Définition française   [Tankarana] nom d'une espèce de liane, effets purgatifs, ? Clitoria lasciva. (vahitsikòmba, vahimbiby). [David 1952 (takila F)]
Nom scientifique   Clitoria lasciva