Entrée noise
Partie du discours nom
Définition anglaise  gedrogedro: a harsh noise, a rough sound, a bass voice; jargon. See gadragadra
¶  hahohaho: noise, wrangling, speaking in a subdued or suppressed tone of voice, a din
¶  tabataba: noise, clamour, vociferation, bustle; political tumult [compare Swahili taabu, trouble] [Richardson 1885]
  ehoeho: a loud or resounding noise
¶  fivatsavatsana: noise, brawling
¶  gidrogidro: a creaking noise somewhat louder than dridridridry
¶  goraraika: the noise of wind in the stomach
¶  kotaba: disorder, noise
¶  tabataba: noise, racket; political upheaval, civil disorder [Hallanger 1973]

Entrée noise
Partie du discours nom féminin
  fifandirana, fifanjihirana, ady vava: comme querelle [Malzac 1893]
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