Entrée lamba
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Définition malgache   Zavatra anaovana ny akanjo, vita amin' n [...]
¶ Tapadamba lavalava anisan' ny fitafian' [...]
¶ Fanafohezana ny hoe "lambamena": Miom [...] [texte complet dans Rajemisa 1985]
Traduction anglaise   the usual outer garment worn by the people. It is generally a piece of calico, from 4 to 5 yards long cut in two, and sewn together along the length. Also cloth in general. [It is interesting to note that in Borneo, Lamba is a yellow-flowered broad-leaved weed, from the strong fibre of which a kind cloth is made: and that the Swahili Arabs trading on the west coast in jiafotsy lamba have adopted the word as ramba] [Richardson 1885]
   woven cloth; clothing [Hallanger 1973]
Traduction française   tissu, vêtement; châle; pièce de toile qu'on porte autour des épaules [Hallanger 1974]
Traduction française   tissu [SLP: Voambolana]
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Toponymie   Noms des lieux comprenant le mot lamba (3): Ambatoborodamba, Lambafotsy, Madiolamba

Entrée Lamba
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Auteur   Rabemananjara Jacques
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