Entrée ravinala (ravina, ala)
Partie du discours   nom
Définition malgache   Karazan-kazo lehibe izay mivelatra lehib [...] [texte complet dans Rajemisa 1985]
Traduction anglaise   the traveller's tree. The leaves are largely used in house-building, for walls and roof, and for tables and plates; and the bark is used for floors. By piercing the base of the younger leaves with a spear or a knife, a quantity of pure water may be obtained. From the stem the people obtain an edible substance. Ravenala madagascariensis, Sonn. [Richardson 1885]
Traduction française   l'arbre du voyageur, connu sous le nom de ravenala. Urania speciosa [Abinal 1888]
Nom scientifique   Ravenala madagascariensis, Urania speciosa
Synonymes   akondrohazo ~ bakabia ~ bemavo ~ fontsy ~ ravimpotsy

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